GCSE Art and Design

Students of our GCSE Art and Design course engage in a critical, practical and theoretical study of art and design. They develop an appreciation of the work of artists, designers and craft workers from a range of cultural backgrounds. They also develop their artistic practice through experimenting with a variety of techniques and processes.

Component 1

Part A: Exploratory Portfolio

You will experiment in some of the following disciplines.

Fine Art  Drawing  Painting  Sculpture  Printmaking   Textiles   Ceramics   Graphic Design   Photography   Moving Image/ animation   Digital Media  3D Design

You must explore at least 2 disciplines. You will explore the processes and contexts of practitioners.

Part B: Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries

You will learn about the different roles and work practices used in the production of art, craft and design in the creative and cultural industries.

You will document your research and use drawing to support the development of your work.

Component 2

Externally Set Assignment

You will complete work in response to a stimulus paper in the final year of your course. You will complete at least 20 hours of preparatory work in response to the theme in the paper. You will also produce and complete a final outcome based on your preparatory work within a set period of 10 hours under exam conditions.

Part A Component 1 (60%)

Exploratory Portfolio – Controlled Assessment.  Experimental work 50 marks (25%)

Part B Component 2 (40 %) Externally Set Assignment.

Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries

Personal Outcome or Design Solution 70 marks (35%)

Externally Set Assignment. Preparatory work and final outcome (80 marks)