Art and Design

A Level Art and Design

The creative industries are the fastest growing area of the economy and are vital to economic success. Studying art, craft and design creates a pathway to a career in a creative industries-related field. At Dean Maguirc College A Level Art and Design is delivered through the exam board of CEA. We are very proud of […]

GCSE Art and Design

Students of our GCSE Art and Design course engage in a critical, practical and theoretical study of art and design. They develop an appreciation of the work of artists, designers and craft workers from a range of cultural backgrounds. They also develop their artistic practice through experimenting with a variety of techniques and processes. Component […]

KS3 Art and Design

The study of art and design promotes and enriches students’ overall educational experience by presenting them with the opportunities to develop their creative, intellectual and artistic abilities. It also provides them with stimulating and challenging opportunities to develop personal knowledge, skills and to achieve their full potential. Pupils join school in Year 8 having come […]