‘Meet our townlands’ Exhibition

The History Department in Dean Maguirc College has been fortunate enough to have on loan the recent ‘Meet Our Townlands’ Exhibition produced by Termonmaguirc Historical Society. Links between the society and the Dean stretch right back to 1994 when Sheila Mc Aleer from the society presented a plaque to the school for the top GCSE student which has been awarded annually since.

Exhibited in the foyer of the school the exhibition presented an opportunity for pupils and parents to capture the information on the display boards and some interesting connections with present pupils have emerged.

The Dean would like to take this opportunity to thank the Termonmaguirc Historical Society for allowing the exhibition to go on tour. It has played its part in raising awareness amongst pupils of their townlands and the importance of preserving not only their names but the history within them.

Gavan McElroy