McAvoy Cup Winners

The Dean U15.5 tewam won the McAvoy Cup, overcoming St Aidan’s Cootehill on a scoreline of Dean 3-7 Cootehill 2-7.

The game was played in the Pearse Og grounds in Armagh. Today was the 25th time this squad has met over the last 3 months and the result was a fitting reward for the effort forthcoming from all 28 players on the panel. Today we had a group of players collecting their fourth Ulster Title with the Dean, whilst others were collecting their first. However, the delight at the final whistle was the same for the ‘veterans’ of the team as it was for the ‘novices’. The first half was a cagey affair and was a story of missed chances for the Dean. At half time the score line was 1-3 each and it seemed the Dean had a mountain to climb in the second half playing against a strong breeze. However, climb that mountain the boys did and after a pulsating first 15 minutes of the second half the boys had built up a 9 point lead at one stage. Cootehill never gave up and rattled off 3 points in succession to leave 6 points in it in injury time. As Carrickmore supporters were calling for the final whistle Cootehill scored an excellently worked goal to leave only 3 points in it. The Dean won the following kick out of defence and were able to weather the storm and bring Ulster glory back to Carrickmore for the second time this year.