A-Level Religious Studies

The specification for Religious Studies at both AS and Advanced GCE Levels requires a sound knowledge of those topics completed as part of the GCSE programme.  The course facilitates both personal and academic development with particular focus on knowledge and understanding of historical, moral and cultural issues.  In addition, pupils will become able to apply these matters to human experience in our modern day society.  The course allows opportunity for the employment of a vast range of teaching and learning strategies and active learning is promoted.

Career opportunities

  • Humanities degree
  • Law degree
  • Philosophy degree
  • Theology degree
  • Teaching
  • Computing
  • Social Wok
  • Counselling
  • Youth work
  • Lay ministry

Skills Developed:

  • Independence and interdependence through individual tasks and group work
  • Cognitive, social and interactive skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to analyse information effectively
  • Literacy and ICT competency


Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

Unit 1:   The origins and development of the Celtic Church (40%)

Unit 2:   An Introduction to Acts (40%)

Advanced GCE (A2)

Unit 3:    The Celtic Church and its Missionary Outreach in the 5th, 6th and 7th Centuries (60%)

Unit 4:    A study of Acts of the Apostles (60%)