G.C.S.E. Physical Education

Subject Content

Component 1: Factors underpinning health;

This component will cover the key concepts of:

The body and mind at work , (changes in the body as a result of exercise)

Health and lifestyle decisions,(how lifestyle decisions affect health)

The active leisure industry. (the role of leisure industry in developing good health)

Assessed by a written exam: 1 hour and 30 minutes. = 25%.of total mark.

Component 2: Factors Underpinning Performance

In this component the pupils will:

Develop physical fitness for performance.(long term effects of exercise on the body)

Develop skilled performance.(concept of skilled performance & how to improve performance)

Assessed by a written exam: 1 hour and 30 minutes. = 25%.of total mark.

Component 3: (a) Individual Performance in Physical Activities

Pupils will have the opportunity to improve their skilled performance.

Pupils will have the opportunity to participate in three different physical activities at least two activities are centre controlled.

For one of these activities the pupil can be assessed in the role of an event manager.

Component 3: (b) The quality of skill analysis and evaluation of performance: (skill analysis and evaluating in a chosen sport)

Assessed in school through the moderation process. = 50% of the total mark.

Skills developed through the study of Physical Education

– Performing skills which can be built on if pupils want to be an actor, dancer,     musician, teacher, youth worker, dance or drama therapist.

– The ability to work creatively as a member of a team.

– The ability to work on your own initiative.

– The ability to work on your problem solving skills through a range of activities.

Career Opportunities

-The specialists jobs related to PE are PE Teacher, sports coach, professional sportsman/sportswoman, dancer.

-A qualification in PE is useful for work in areas such as physiotherapy,  physiology, sports medicine and therapy, sports centre, swimming-pool management, sports goods retailing, health club management, sports -journalism and photography.

-Teachers can specialise in PE as part of an education degree.

-There are a large number of coaching qualifications available especially through the governing bodies of individual sports which when obtained can help in the securing of employment in community based initiatives.