Overview – Modern Languages

Tá fáilte romhaibh!


We have four experienced and dedicated teachers in the Modern Language Department, namely Mrs Brenda Hetherington (HoD), Mr Paul Carey, Mrs Máire Quinn and Mrs Roisin Rafferty.

Pupils in KS3 are given the opportunity to study Irish and French for 3 years. Languages are then optional for KS4. Throughout KS3, pupils will experience a wide range of teaching techniques and strategies to encourage the learning of a new language.  Language lessons focus on the promotion of enjoyment and the acquisition of the four basic skills of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Topics taught throughout KS3 are as follows:

  • Introduction to Irish & French Culture – Greetings
  • School & classroom
  • Myself & My family
  • Pets
  • Numbers & Time
  • Days, Months & Weather
  • Food
  • Hobbies
  • Descriptions of self and others
  • Parts of the Body & Illnesses
  • Holidays
  • Careers
  • The town & shopping
  • Eating out
  • House & Area
  • Daily Routine