KS3 Maths


Each student at Dean Maguirc College is encouraged to develop a positive attitude to mathematics, a ‘Let’s do – Can do’ attitude and to work with confidence and enjoyment.

Maths does have an image problem. It has long been socially acceptable to not be good at Maths, in fact until recent years it has almost been something to be proud of!

A priority of our Maths Department is to challenge the negative attitudes and stigma associated with the study of Maths that still exist, that being good at or enjoying Maths aren’t cool.

We firmly believe that motivation is a key factor in raising pupil achievement and that it is essential to make strong connections between Maths taught and pupils’ lives outside the classroom. Developing real life contexts is most beneficial in engaging, and maintaining, the interest of our pupils, enabling them to realise that the Maths they learn in the classroom has many practical uses in the real world.

The Mathematics Department has a team of five very dedicated teachers: Mrs Máire Mc Ginn ~ Head of Department/Numeracy Co-ordinator, Mr Colin Keenan, Mr Ronan McAlinden, Mrs Nuala Grimes and Mrs Emma Keyes.

Every student at Dean Maguirc College studies Mathematics from Year 8 to Year 12 in accordance with the Northern Ireland Curriculum regulations.

It is the policy of the department that classes retain the same teacher throughout their five years in order to maintain continuity, in so far as is possible. Parallel timetabling exists for year groups at KS3 and KS4 which facilitates movement of pupils within the ability groupings as necessary.

‘Numeracy is an ability to use mathematics effectively to meet the demands of everyday life.’

Acquiring this vital skill forms a significant part of pupils’ learning, not only in mathematics class but across the whole school. Although mathematics teachers are primarily responsible for pupils developing an understanding of mathematics concepts and rules, the contexts of the non-mathematics curriculum provide other essential ways for students to develop their numeracy skills.

Numeracy is developed at Dean Maguirc College by:

  • Promotion of activities that bring real world contexts and applications of STEM into the classroom, for example, mathematics in aviation, marine navigation, astronomy.
  • Engagement of Primary 7 pupils and Year 8 pupils in fun, interesting, investigative, challenging, problem-solving activities, assisted by A-level Maths pupils.
  • Participation in UKMT Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Team Maths Challenge competitions.
  • Joint participation by P7 and Year 8 pupils in Isak 9 tasks.