*This is a new course being offered at Dean Maguirc College.

This CCEA specification caters for pupils who require knowledge of mathematics beyond GCSE Higher Level Maths and who are capable of working beyond the limits of the GCSE Maths specification.

It is designed to broaden the experience of pupils whose mathematical ability is above average and who would like to:

  • study mathematics at AS/A level;
  • study other courses at AS/A level that require mathematics beyond GCSE Higher Level;
  • extend their knowledge of mathematics.

It gives pupils the appropriate mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to help them progress to further academic and vocational study and to employment.

*Students taking this GCSE Further Mathematics specification should have covered, or be in the process of covering, all of the content in the CCEA GCSE Mathematics specification at Higher Level, including all the content of units M4 and M8.

They must also be interested, enthusiastic, hardworking pupils and very capable of working independently.

The structure of the GCSE Further Mathematics course is as follows. Pupils must complete the mandatory unit (Unit 1) and two of the three optional units (Units 2, 3 and 4).

  • Unit 1 – Pure Mathematics (2-hour exam, 50% weighting)
  • Unit 2 – Mechanics (1-hour exam, 25% weighting)
  • Unit 3 – Statistics (1-hour exam, 25 % weighting)
  • Unit 4 – Discrete and Decision Mathematics (1-hour exam, 25% weighting)

Candidates must complete at least 40% of the overall assessment requirements at the end of the course, in the examination series in which they request a final subject grade (this is the terminal rule).

It is envisaged that pupils will sit Unit 1 at the end of Year 11 and Units 2 and 3 at the end of Year 12.

Candidates may resit individual assessment units once before cash-in.

*This subject may not be able to be catered for on the time-table and may entail after-school tuition.