A-Level Maths

‘Number Rules the Universe’


The Mathematics Department at Dean Maguirc College has an excellent reputation for its Post-16 provision. In 2017, 100% of pupils who sat A-level Mathematics achieved grades A* – A, 50% achieving A* and 50% A.

The training received through the study of ‘A’-level Mathematics provides our students with skills that are highly valued and sought after. The subject promotes the development of pupils’ thinking skills – logically, precisely and creatively; reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Mathematics, one of the STEM subjects, is of central importance to modern society and leaving school with an advanced qualification in Mathematics provides a firm foundation for scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical careers, and will give pupils the competitive edge they will need for high paying jobs. People with ‘A’-level Mathematics generally earn 15% more than their peers!    

The course followed is CCEA ‘A’-level Mathematics (AS/A2).

GCE in Mathematics has four externally assessed units. Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification.

The specification has four externally assessed units:

  • AS 1: Pure Mathematics – 60% AS/ 24% A-level
  • AS 2: Applied Mathematics – 40% AS/ 16% A-level
  • A2 1: Pure Mathematics – 36% A-level
  • A2 2: Applied Mathematics – 24% A-level

For information on content of modules log onto www.ccea.org.uk


To study Mathematics at ‘A’-level, students must have been entered for GCSE at Higher level and ideally have achieved Grade A*-A. Consideration may be given to students who have achieved a high B if the teacher feels that their work is of the required standard.