CCEA GCSE Learning for Life and Work

Most pupils will study GCSE Learning for Life and Work; this course allows them to develop their knowledge and understanding of Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Development and Employability.

It is a unitised course comprising of 4 units.

Unit 1 – Local and Global Citizenship: pupils investigate cultural diversity and the challenges and opportunities this brings to our society.  They examine the role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and democratic institutions, and are able to explain how they contribute to an inclusive society.

Unit 2 – Personal Development: pupils analyse how diet, exercise and emotional health affect personal well-being.  They also explore parenting and personal finance, which equips them with life management tools.

Unit 3 – Employability: pupils prepare themselves for future employment by exploring the processes and skills involved in finding a job.  They analyse and evaluate the responsibilities of employees and employers, and investigate how globalisation impacts on employment.

Pupils sit three written one hour-long examination papers:

  1. Unit 1: Local and Global Citizenship – 20% (Year 12)
  2. Unit 2: Personal Development – 20% (Year 11)
  3. Unit 3: Employability – 20% (Year 11)

They sit two examinations in the Summer of Year 11 and one examination in the Summer of Year 12.

Unit 4 is a Controlled Assessment task worth 40% and is undertaken in Year 12.  The task is based on investigating a topic in one of the following components:

  • Local and Global Citizenship
  • Personal Development; or
  • Employability

The Controlled Assessment task develops pupils’ communication and problem solving skills as well as self-management and their ability to work with others.

This specification enables pupils to develop a broad understanding of a range of personal, social, economic and employment issues that are relevant to further study at A level in, for example, Business Studies and Health and Social Care. It also provides a useful foundation for young people entering training programmes such as NVQs.

Careers particularly relevant to LLW include journalism, politics, youth work, social work, teaching, law and working with charities or advocacy groups.

Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme

Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills

The Achieve Programme is especially suited to those pupils who want to pursue a vocational pathway. Study of this programme will lead to a Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills which is equivalent to two GCSEs at grade B.

The Personal Development and Employability Skills Certificate (Level 2) is 100% centre assessed using portfolios of evidence.  The portfolios are internally and externally verified. This qualification is graded pass or fail.

The Achieve Programme gives pupils the opportunity to:

  • develop their own personal growth, and engagement in, and through, learning
  • engage in learning that is relevant to them and support their development of personal skills and attributes that are essential for working life and employment
  • develop their English, Maths and IT skills

The Achieve Programme prepares pupils for progression into further education, apprenticeships or other work-based learning.