Home Economics

GCSE Home Economics - Child Development

This course focuses on the development of a child from conception to the age of five.   Candidates will develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the family, pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth and post-natal factors, diet and health in relation to young babies and children, stages and conditions of development […]

GCSE Home Economics Food and Nutrition.

GCSE Home economics offers students the opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed through the delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 3. It allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition and apply skills to real- life contexts. It is assessed through one written examination paper […]

KS3 Home Economics

In Dean Maguirc College all pupils from years 8-10 study the Home Economics curriculum.  Classes consist of theory where pupils explore the science of food and the impact of their choices on their overall health, home and family and independent living. A range of practical activities are built in to each unit allowing pupils to […]