GCSE Geography

Students at KS4 follow the CCEA GCSE course. Through this students will develop their understanding of how geographical concepts affect our changing world. They examine how the growing worldwide population increases the demand on Earth’s systems. Students also develop as global citizens and recognise how they can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive future. GCSE Geography is recognised as a STEM subject.

All units are externally assessed and cover a range of topics, including population and migration, contrasts in world development, climate change and the restless Earth. Students develop key transferable skills, such as data handling and analysis, self-management and problem solving.

Students’ learning extends beyond the classroom; they take part in fieldwork to collect primary data. They then present and analyse results, draw conclusions and reflect critically on the process.

Year 11 Unit 3: Fieldwork Year 12
Unit 1: Understanding Our Natural World

  • Theme A: River Environments
  • Theme B: Coastal Environments
  • Theme C: Our Changing Weather and Climate
  • Theme D: The Restless Earth
This unit will be started in Year 11 and completed in Year 12:

  • Planning
  • Fieldwork techniques and methods
  • Processing and presenting data
  • Analysing and interpreting data
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Evaluating the fieldwork
Unit 2: Living In Our World

  • Theme A: Population and Migration
  • Theme B: Changing Urban Areas
  • Theme C: contrasts in World Development
  • Theme D: Managing Our Environment