KS3: Drama

Drama Teacher – Mrs Shauna Casey

The aim of the Drama curriculum is to develop pupils who are able to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression in a positive and confident manner.

Through the methods of improvisation, acting, mime and dance drama, supported by using a range of drama strategies, pupils will develop personal and social skills and grow in insight and understanding.

Pupils will have the opportunity to use dramatic skills appropriate to audience, context, purpose and task. They will have the opportunity to:

  • engage with a range of stimuli to develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • adopt a role
  • take part in improvisation
  • devise scripts and use drama forms and strategies effectively to explore and present ideas
  • engage in movement and/or dance
  • experience live and recorded drama, and respond to a variety of texts
  • begin to develop an appreciation of theatre styles, genres and vocabulary
  • explore characterisation through use of masks, costume, props and electronic media
  • evaluate their own and others’ work.


Year 8 – Pupils will:

Express themselves emotionally and imaginatively through drama and improvisation

(Theatre Fun)

Explore and respond to the views and feelings of others

(The Haunted School)

Explore issues related to Personal Health and Moral Character



Year 9 – Pupils will:

Explore ways in which uplifting experiences can be conveyed through gesture, expression, movement, dance, etc.

(The Car Trip)

Explore how drama is used to educate about and resolve issues of social concern

(I don’t like Mondays)

Explore how drama reflects and gives insight into a range of cultures

(Legend of the Sun God)

Year 10 – Pupils will:

Explore the effects of media and ICT

(Big Brother)

Investigate how skills developed through drama such as empathy, confidence and communication skills are vital to life/work situations and a range of careers


Explore issues related to Economic and Ethical Awareness

(Heroin Lies))