House System

Winning House Captains 2017

The school operates a House System aiming to increase motivation, promote a sense of responsibility and participation and to provide a focus for leadership development among the pupils. At the start of Year 8 all pupils are divided into one of four Houses (Canice’s, Davog’s, Finbarr’s and Tiernach’s) and they remain in that house throughout their time at the ‘Dean’.

Every year a boy and girl in each year group are elected as House Captains for their particular House. Their role is to liase with teacher leaders and pupils in their House in the organisation and promotion of House Activities, Sports Day etc.

House Activities are organised throughout the school year giving pupils the opportunity to compete as a team and to build up relationships with fellow pupils.

Our aim in this school is to promote positive achievement and each week teachers award house points to individual pupils. Pupils with high house point scores are awarded for their efforts during the year and a House Trip is organised at the end of the school year for top scorers in the House system, all house captains, prefects, Student Council members and other deserving pupils. This has always been a successful and enjoyable day out for both pupils and staff.

Teachers will use the following criteria to award house points to individual pupils:

  • Good classwork – written, oral or both; something drawn or well made etc.
  • Good homework – effort, presentation etc.
  • Good co-operation in class – attempting to answer oral questions etc.
  • Good effort in class with regard to general classwork, behaviour, co-operation.
  • Improved work, attitude and manner.
  • Good co-operation with regard to helping teacher(s) – class displays, arranging chairs in gym, tidying classrooms etc.
  • Instances where a pupil has shown good manners, a high level of initiative and a clear sense of responsibility.
  • Bonus points for excellent attendance will be awarded at the end of each term.
  • Form teachers may also wish to award points more regularly for improved attendance.
  • Displaying good leadership qualities.
  • Good exam/test results relative to pupil.
  • Representing the school through football, hurling, camogie, handball, public speaking, choirs, music groups, feis, subject related projects etc.
  • Promoting and being actively involved in caring for the environment- litter picking etc.
  • Promoting and being involved in fundraising charities and other worthy causes.
  • Participation in Curriculum support activities:- Spelling club/Paired reading/Reading partnership etc

Pupils can also earn points for their house by participating in group activities such as House Activities and Teams sports during Sport’s Day.